Getting the 3ware 9650SE working in Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit

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Ubuntu 10.04 might bring a new look, but it breaks a few things too.

UPDATE 16/09/2010 | Despite 3ware updating its software to 10.2, the name resolution bug still exists. Webmin’s update to 1.520 fixes the Samba issue though. You’ll either need a clean install, or to follow these comments for the workaround.

In the last week I’ve updated Ubuntu from 9.10 to 10.04, and found a few rude shocks along the way.

Samba, for one, is now treated entirely differently, and this of course breaks a number of things including Webmin. Apparently this will be addressed in the next release of Webmin, whenever that is. In the meantime, a distro upgrade from 9.10 to 10.04 will likely bork your Samba like it did mine, requiring a clean install to get things working again.

Another thing also broken in 10.04 is a library that affects name resolution, which plays havoc with 3DM2’s email notification feature, crashing 3DM2 in the process. There’s a simple workaround for this: use your mail server’s IP instead of its name. Not optimal, but it will work until the Ubuntu devs catch up and stop palming the problem off to other devs.

New 3DM2 + CLI 10.1

One thing I did notice during the reinstall was that a new version of 3ware’s 3DM2 + CLI package was out, 10.1. Of course 3ware has never explicitly claimed Ubuntu support, so moving off the trusted 9.5.3 was a bit of a concern. I did it anyway, it worked fine (name resolution bug aside) and here’s how you can too.

The installation package has now moved to 100% text, away from the previous Installshield efforts. It’s fairly trivial to set up too. Not Windows trivial, but then, nothing ever is on Linux.

First, uninstall any previous version of 3DM2 — how you do this will depend on the distribution you’ve used. If you’ve used a .deb file, you should find it in Synaptic Package Manager, but if you’ve used the old Installshield package, you’ll need to open up a terminal and issue the following commands:

cd /opt/AMCC/_uninst
sudo ./uninstaller.bin

And follow the prompts. This assumes you installed to the default path of /opt/AMCC, if you’ve installed elsewhere, you’ll need to find uninstaller.bin yourself. Next, you’ll want to download the 3DM2 & CLI Linux 10.1 code set from 3ware.

Open a terminal and navigate to the directory that is in.


unzip -d 3dm2
cd 3dm2
chmod +x
sudo  ./ --install

Then follow the prompts. If you’re still having grief, our old friend has made some .deb files for us.

After a successful install, simply open a browser, point it at and log in with the default password 3ware. Just remember to use your mail server’s IP instead of its host name.



  1. Andy says:

    Where did you find the 10.1 download? I can’t find it on LSI’s site at all (LSI appears to have bought 3Ware). All I see is 9.5.3. I’m hoping 10.1 will allos Linux to see my controller, because 9.5.3 isn’t seeing it right now.

  2. admin says:

    I found it this way:

    Go to Resources > Support and Downloads. Select “RAID Controllers” from the Product Family drop down. Select “3ware 9650SE-8ML” from the Product drop down.

    Scroll down to the Software section. Generic Linux set is the fourth entry down.

    I’m guessing 3ware added the non-Java install version to 9.5.3 just after the 10.1 release, which is why it appears as a “more recent”.

  3. fidel says:

    Thanks for the name vs ip hint

  4. Ganesh says:

    Does installing this software driver affect the 3ware hardware raid configuration in any way?

  5. Richard Powell says:

    I’m using Ubuntu 11.04 and 3dm2 10.2 and I’m still noticing that if I put in the mail server host name I get, ” (0x0C:0x000C): Failed to resolve mail server host name : Failed to send test message”. Is this _still_ broken? I don’t know if putting the IP address for one of GMail’s smtp servers is a good idea because they change them a lot which means the e-mail may stop working?

  6. alkopedia says:

    OpenSuse 12.2 and 3DM2 version same name resolution error:
    “(0x0C:0x000C): Failed to resolve mail server host name : Failed to send test message”

  7. Steve says:

    Solution here for mail failer issue. Just tried it and works for me. Thought I would add it here in case someone like me that likes using old hardware finds this thread looking for a solution.

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